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True healing happens from the inside out. In our journey to wellness, there are many aspects to consider. Having an understanding of how illness came to reside
in our body is just as important as diet, exercise, coping skills and rest. What deep, unconscious patterns are manifesting in the physical body as blockages and

disease and how do we reverse their effects? Illness can be a teacher rather

than a mysterious assault. From an inner spiritual perspective, as we

seek deeper love and harmony, it is wise to hold regard for the 

body, which supports this quest for light and to rebalance 

ones sensitivity to Natures way.


Due to our lack of knowledge, particularly with respect to the inner physical ecology; digestion, assimilation and elimination, our immune system can become seriously compromised. As our systems weaken and become sluggish, the body accumulates toxic waste from undigested food and stress. This is an invitation to scavengers, parasites, yeast infections; conditions which further destroy internal ecological balance.


The greatest 20th century Naturopaths and Nature Cure Physicians speak of this undigested waste as morbid matter, the cause of all disease in the human body. Our book Heal form the Inside Out describes nourishment and positive actions to be taken as a means of clearing morbid matter, strengthening the immune system and helping the body rebuild. Just remember Without proper diet, medicine is of no use, And with proper diet, medicine is of no need.


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Blessings on your healing

Our Hope for you


We hold the sacred space for all of our clients to thrive; to sustain wellness by making healthy choices and to continue to listen to their body, mind, emotions

and soul as to what is life

enhancing and life






Our Mission


The body is self-healing. We assist this process when we make life-affirming choices in eating organic nutritious food,  supplementing our diet with probiotics, enzymes, minerals and vitamins where necessary, drinking plenty of clean pure water, detoxifying and cleansing, exercising, breathing healthy air, having positive thoughts and living in harmony with nature. We offer resources and education that help change the world one person at a time!

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