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My Story - Chapter One

I suppose my education about how the body, mind and soul heal, began at the young age 19, 1969, when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and sent to a surgeon who recommended I have surgery, a colostomy, a bag on the outside of my abdomen to poop into for the rest of my life. This turned into a blessing.

It sent me on a decade's search for healing through natural and contemporary medical approaches with little to no relief, actually with the condition worsening.

In the meantime, I studied nursing and was granted a certificate as a Licensed Vocational Nurse after the year of study, I worked in a hospital for almost two years. Anatomy and Physiology were my favorite courses which benefited me in my search for wellness.

Discouraged in the Nursing field, and involved in a divorce, I spent the next 8 years, 1974-1982 in the produce industry, growing a small family-owned alfalfa and bean sprout business from a local operation to international success.

I became extremely ill at the age of 32, 1982, again being given the only option of surgery by my gastroenterologist, and chose to listen to a wise being within telling me that the body is designed to heal itself, you need only give it the opportunity. At this point, my health condition was life-threatening and I needed to "shit or get off the pot" literally...

Well, I committed myself to staying at a fasting institute to begin a magical journey of physical healing and soul retrieval, drinking only distilled water and doing nothing except bed rest, reading, and keeping a journal of sorts. This lasted for 42 days, my colon healed completely and my entire life was reset and pointed me in the direction of being in service to humanity. In short, I was reborn

I entered the nursing field for 11 more years, while seeds were being planted for ongoing education in the holistic health and wellness field.

In 1995 I retired from working in the medical field, I joke that I am a recovering nurse! I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend a year-long intensive, and was awarded the title of Natural Therapeutic Specialist. A year later I returned to train as a Colon Therapist, where I was granted the title of Certified Colon Therapist.

While attending the intensive, I wrote my first book “Vegan~Licious”, including recipes and information from a series of classes I taught to my classmates on how to consciously and successfully nourish oneself to achieve optimal health on a plant-based diet. Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD

I opened Digestive Wellness Center in 2000 in Sedona, Arizona, where I remain in practice today, dedicated to healing humanity "One Colon At A Time".

I’m also certified on the Foundational Level through I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists) where I earned the title of Certified Colon Therapist.

I have been graced over the last 24 years with the privilege of giving colonics and coaching thousands of wonderful beings who so lovingly accepted my philosophy of health and wellness outlined within the pages of my books, articles and

I thank you all for your kindness and support. May you be graced with peace, harmony, and a forever state of balance always.

Peacebe, Reuel Ari

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