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Nutritional Supplementation

Ambaya Gold

You’ll FEEL the Difference! Ambaya Gold is a totally unique line of “wellness” formulas unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Health Retreats

Ann Wigmore Foundation

It is our sincere desire at the Ann Wigmore Foundation to carry on her living foods lifestyle legacy by sharing with humanity in an atmosphere of solace and contemplation, our knowledge of her teachings, while supporting with certainty, your personal healing intentions within. We are located in San Fidel, New Mexico.

Holistic Health

Holistic Healing News

Holistic Resource for Growing, Healing and Thriving. Featuring: Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Beauty, Fitness, Self-Growth, Green Living and Articles

Colon Therapy

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics

New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics is a fine accredited school of massage and Natural Healing. They have a 6 month Intensive Program and a 1 year Night School Program. This school is by far the best of its kind and offers a life changing experience for those who attend.

Certification Programs

Reiki Classes

Internationally Acclaimed Reiki Healing Studies Center in Sedona, monthly and weekly classes, reiki drumming.

Travel Resources

Sedona Chamber

Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center The Sedona Chamber of Commerce offers first class visitor services. Our visitor center assists more than 350,000 visitors a year, not to mention the thousands of visitor inquires via phone and email. While in Sedona, make sure you visit our Uptown Visitor Center for maps, directions, suggestions or to purchase your Red Rock Pass.

Health Retreats

Ann Wigmore

Learn Self-Healing Through the Living Foods Lifestyle. “We must give our bodies the rich nourishment from vegetables, greens, and fruits; and sprouted seeds, beans and grains. When these foods are combined with proper rest and activity, and a healthy positive attitude, the body and will are strengthened and even the most serious health problems may be overcome” Ann Wigmore. This healing retreat is located in Puerto Rico.

Certification Programs

Denise Linn

Certification programs in Soul Coaching, Interior Alignment, teachings in Creating Sacred Spaces, Past Life Regression and trusting ones inner guidance and wisdom.

Colon Therapy


To find a Colon Therapy practitioner in your area, contact the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy.

Health Retreats

Optimum Health Institute of San Diego

At the Optimum Health Institute of San Diego, you will be able to get away and start a new conversation with your body. You will learn how to listen to its whispers, how to heed its warnings. And, although we will be teaching you many new and unique methods for caring for yourself and embracing your health opportunities, it won’t seem new to you…just right. Because we won’t tell you anything that your body hasn’t already been telling you for years. We are located near San Diego, California.

Quantum Therapies

Sacred Heart Magic

Home of the “Infinite Possibilities Session” for People, Pets/Animals and Places with Mariko, Shamanic Feng Shui and Soul Essence Flower Remedies

Quantum Therapies

Sedona Pro Wellness

Experience profound benefits while laying on the Advanced Frequency Technology, Sedona Pro Plus (PEMF) Wellness System, as the frequencies generated open the cells and lymph system of the entire body to deliver oxygen, increase oxygen supply and increase metabolism to the cells, tissues and organs. This helps eliminate toxins and deliver nutrients to the cells so inflammation is reduced and pain subsides.

Discover Your Optimal Health Potential

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