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About Reuel Ari

Digestive Wellness Center was established in the year 1999 from a calling within that humanity was in need of deep cleansing and healing. I understood, from my own experience, that the digestive system was the key to overall health. 


From my own experience with colon hydrotherapy, healing on all levels and being trained as a Certified Colon Therapist, I realized that the human body detoxifies through a matrix of ducts that empty into the colon from every organ in the body. When the ends of these ducts become plugged with congestion the colon results in sludgy sticky constipated stool, and the organs retain toxins that vitally need to be eliminated. As this backup continues over years, the organs become severely congested and begin to dis-function. 


This is why so many practitioners say, “All disease begins in the colon.” When the colon is functioning properly, emptying completely at least 3 times per day, a feeling of wellness may be experienced and optimal health achieved.


My passion and desire has been, and continues to be, to help people Feel Well. Our company mottos are "REMEMBER WHAT FEELING WELL IS ALL ABOUT" and "HEALING THE WORLD ONE COLONIC AT A TIME".


It’s been an absolute pleasure and a fulfilling vision to have been in service to humanity for the last 23 years being a Certified Colon Therapist and Health Coach.

If you are interested in more info on Reuel Ari's journey to Wellness go to My Story

Reuel Ari, N.T.S. LVN

I-Act Certified Colon Therapist
Natural Therapeutic Specialist

My diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 19 sent me on a personal healing and education journey that I have been graced with sharing with people over the last 23 years with the privilege of giving colonics to thousands of wonderful beings who so lovingly accepted my philosophy of health and wellness.

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