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A Restaurant Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet in Sedona

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Sedona, Arizona is not only a spiritual destination for millions of guests throughout the year, it is also a city with great awareness and choices for us plant-based lifestyle humans. Here is a list of our favorite restaurants and what they have to offer us vegans, vegetarians, and herbivores.

Chocolatree – everything on the menu is kosher for us. For those on “low or no sugar” diet, please ask about the sweeteners used in their food.

Fresh And Natural Thai Kitchen delicacies with unique sauces and vegan friendly choices

Hiros Sushi Kitchen

Local Juicery

Picazzos Organic Italian Kitchen

Pisa Lisa –

Thai Spices Restaurant – One of our favorites. Pearl, the owner, takes great care in sourcing organic ingredients, Most all entrees can be made plant based. The staff are very aware of what our needs are. Also, for those on “low or no sugar” ask about any use of sugar

Wild Flower Bakery

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