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Discover Your Optimal  Health Potential


Through cleansing, detoxifying and diet you will experience more vitality, an elevated mood, & a boost in your overall Immune System Function and Health

What We Do

Every office visit includes all three services offered below.



I am so glad that I flew out to Sedona, AZ one chilly morning in Vermont, just to visit the Digestive Wellness Center! It was one of the best decisions I have made. I went to do a training with them and was a little reluctant, since I didn't have great experiences with other colonics. The second I walked into their Center I felt at home!
Not only did I walk away with an education, I left with a sense of purpose and peace. The colonics that I received were some of the best that I have had.

E M, 2/22/2013, Yelp

Discover Your Optimal Health Potential

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