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Digestive Wellness

Cleansing and detoxification is being explored now like no other time in history. Many of us recognize the vital role cleansing and detoxification play in our health and wellness. No matter what symptoms of discomfort we experience, the simple truth about the cause is, the cells of the body get bombarded with toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the chemicals we ingest and various mental and emotional patterns we experience. Wellness and optimal health can be obtained by cleansing, detoxifying and releasing.

Dr. Ann Wigmore, the pioneer of the Living Food Lifestyle, concludes in her research that all disease is simply a deficiency of enzymes. We are born with a certain amount of metabolic enzymes which literally maintain every bodily function. When we eat foods that are devoid of enzymes, the metabolic enzymes must race to the digestive system to help digest the food. The metabolic enzyme reserve becomes exhausted and the body begins to break down with a myriad of symptoms we call disease.

Our digestion is compromised from undigested food passing into the colon from the small intestine. The colon, being an organ of elimination, does not have the capability to digest food. In the body’s attempt and wisdom to protect us from illness and toxicity, this undigested food is packed along the walls of the small intestine and colon creating mucous, constipation and impaction. Over the years feces collects only to putrefy and create toxic gas. This toxic gas is absorbed through the porous walls of the colon, into the blood, and is deposited throughout the body ready to create disease of all kinds.

Although the inclusion of plant based enzymes, pro biotic flora cultures, essential oils and super foods are very beneficial, the real healing we can experience is in adding Living Foods to our daily diet. You will find out for yourself within a matter of days! Try it, You’ll like it!

“Heal from the Inside Out” is a handbook that the whole family can use. It outlines in simple layman’s language the principles of healthy living and how to achieve lasting results and benefits from Cleansing and Detoxifying. Whether you follow our program 100%, or just incorporate a few suggestions, your health will improve significantly. Give yourself and your family the Gift of Health and the Gift of Life!

Remember, Only Love And Nature Heal!

The first and primary thing that must happen in detoxifying is opening the colon, large intestine, the main channel of elimination. When this is properly done, the small intestine and liver also detoxify and cleanse. If you are having 3 bowel movements per day, the colon is functioning properly. All the wonderful detoxification your cells accomplish will exit the body completely, and you will continue to experience wellness.

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