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Seasonal Cleansing

Many nature cure practitioners have suggested that we cleanse at the change of seasons. Norman Walker, considered to be the grand dad of juicing and colon therapy, recommends that everyone have a series of 6 colonics twice per year, in the spring and fall, and to do one colonic at the change from spring to summer and fall into winter.

Now we have Purium, alkalizing made simple. If you want to cleanse for 10 days or just introduce very high frequency green foods into your daily eating regimen, go to In the month of June 2015 I did a 10 day Purium cleanse and lost 8 pounds, feel lighter, stronger and mentally and emotionally clearer.

I like to inspire my clients to aspire to eating a cooked/raw, wheat free vegan diet, especially when they are working with me, and definitely when there is cancer, candida, parasites and any other form of inflammation occurring in their body. I am big on establishing a foundational food regimen before any heavy duty cleansing and detoxification begins, to have a basic diet to fall back on so all your efforts will be maximized.

The suggestions below may be used as a basic 3-10 day food based Whole Body Cleanse, utilized 3-5 days before Colon Therapy or eaten while receiving a series of colonics.

Salad made with Kale, Collard Greens and any other vegetables. Use Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed or Olive oil for dressing with lemon, raw apple cider vinegar, salt (Celtic or Himalayan) and spices. Eat as much as desired without overeating. When you burp while eating you are either eating too fast or have had enough for one sitting. This cleanses the entire intestinal tract quite effectively.

Beets – preferably baked with Himalayan or Celtic salt, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and oil. You may steam them as well, making sure to drink the water. The red dye in the beets cleanses the liver.

Watermelon – at least 2-1 inch round slices per day from large melon. Watermelon is a natural diuretic, helps remove mucous from the body and supports urinary tract detoxification

Water – Drink at least ½ ounce per pound of your body weight per day.

Alkaline, ionized water is the best. Distilled or spring can be used as

well. Water is necessary to flush the toxins out of the intestines

when cleansing or just living every day for that matter.

To enhance digestion eat some raw greens first so you flood your digestive tract with enzymes before eating the more concentrated foods in your meals.

Great basic juice: Makes 32 ounces:

1 peeled cucumber

1 bunch celery

1 head Romaine lettuce

small handful parsley

3-6 leaves kale

½ – 1 green or other tart apple

½ lemon

½ finger ginger if desired.

On a juice cleanse, drink as much, or as little as you want daily.

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