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Food Combining

The Missing Link

The human digestive system is really very simple, despite it’s seemingly complex function. Proteins, starches, vegetables, fruits and fats are the primary foods that we eat. All of these foods require different enzymes for digestion. The stomach cannot separate foods that require different enzymes for digestion. Food winds up in one big ball with enzymes flying around trying to attach themselves to the right molecules. We get stomach aches, gas, hiatal hernias, reflux, acid conditions, constipation, diarrhea and so many illnesses from improper food combinations. The culprits here are the by-products of incomplete digestion in the small intestine and colon that turn into gases, then are transported through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream and auto-intoxicate the entire system. Food combining is essential in the restoration of health. When food combining is not followed, the system will not detoxify. You will remain in an acid state and disease will prevail.

Follow this simple chart and formula below and begin enjoying the feeling of “Wellness” for the rest of your life.

Remember, Only Love and Nature Heal!

Food Combining for Better Digestion, Assimilation and Elimination

As you see, there are only two GOOD COMBINATIONS.

  1. Proteins with Veggies

  2. Veggies with Starch

Eat melons alone ~ Eat one protein at a time ~ Avocados combine well with low-starchy veggies and “fairly well” with starches and acid fruits Eat fruits separately as a fruit meal ~ Lettuce, Celery and Papaya combine well with all foods ~ Nuts and Citrus combine well as a meal ~ Tomatoes combine well with low-starchy veggies and either nuts or avocados.

  • Eat fruits with fruits. Mix citrus with citrus and soft fruits with soft fruits.

  • Soaked nuts and citrus combine well.

  • Always eat melon alone and do not mix them.

  • Combine starchy foods like grains, potato, non-yeasted breads, etc. with vegetables.

  • Eat only one type of starch at a meal.

  • Eat protein with vegetables.

  • Avoid mixing protein with starches.

  • Avocado is considered a protein along with nuts and seeds.

  • Eat only one type of protein at a meal.

  • Eat nuts and seeds with leafy greens, zucchini, yellow or summer squash.

  • Papaya can be eaten with all foods.

  • Eat celery and lettuce with all vegetables or fruit except melons.

  • Tomatoes combine well with low starchy vegetables and either nuts or avocado.

  • Avocados combine well with low starchy vegetables and fairly well with starches and acid fruits.

  • Oils and starches, like grains and potato with ghee or flax seed oil are not the best combo, but o.k. in limited amounts

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