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Feel Well With Foods and Therapies That Heal

There is a growing awareness of healthy living in Sedona, Arizona. The evidence is clear by the presence of a new vegan vegetarian restaurant and a 100% raw/living foods café and the many practitioners who are teaching a healthier way of living. We are reawakening to the wave of consciousness that is connecting us back to our roots as a spiritual being living in a human body. We are remembering how to walk this land gently and to treat our body “temples” with honor and respect in a way that supports the proper functioning of our immune system, the true defense against stress and dis-ease.

Could this be you? Waking in the morning sort of in a fog, feeling a bit arthritic, constipated, gassy, grumpy and headachy. As you wander from the bathroom totally disappointed from the meager evacuation you just had, you think to yourself, “What should I eat? Should I eat at all? Why did I eat that damn pasta last night? Should I take a laxative and if so what kind? What the hell am I doing to myself? Why did I yell at my kid and wife yesterday? I really want more passion in my life but I feel like crap most of the time! How can I change this on going scenario and feel well? ”

You are a male or female between the ages of 40 and 60, although you could be 20 or 30, or in your 70’s and 80’s. You are at that magical and pivotal point in your life where you know that a shift in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being is absolutely necessary and you want more than anything just to feel “well”: to wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed to meet the new day with joy and a sense of happiness and contentment. You may feel overweight, although you look good, you feel heavy inside, your digestion is sluggish, your skin isn’t soft and smooth, your hair is a bit dry and brittle, your bowel movements are irregular and constipated, you feel bloated and gassy and may suspect you have parasites, candida or both. You have that intuitive feeling that certain items you are eating like coffee, dairy, animals, grains, cooked foods, sugar, fruit, baked flour products and processed foods with additives and chemicals are contributing to your suffering and overall toxicity. But, where do you begin? You may feel so overwhelmed that you just continue buying into the myth that these sufferings are common with aging and you just need to grin and bear it. You see that everyone else in your life is experiencing and accepting life on the same terms and not getting well.

The solution is simple: begin adding enzyme rich living/raw foods into your daily diet and commit to a series of colonics. When practiced and experienced together, these healing modalities will give you the wellness and success you are seeking for your health. You will also begin to experience complete and effortless elimination, something as we get older that some say is right up there with an orgasm.

We eat living/raw food because we need a fresh new supply of enzymes every day. There are two types of enzymes: Metabolic Enzymes that hang out in the bones and organs and act as catalysts for literally every function of the cells. These enzymes do not regenerate and become exhausted due to our poor lifestyle habits of eating improperly and not managing our stress well. Then there are Food Enzymes, which break down the food we eat into their smaller nutrient form so the body can be nourished at the cellular level. When we eat foods deficient in enzymes, the metabolic enzymes must come to the rescue, which depletes our storehouse in the bones and organs and leads to “dis-ease.”

We suggest, in most cases, that a series of at least 5-10 colonics is a very beneficial, if not the only, way to clear out the impactions and encrustations that have developed over a lifetime throughout the digestive tract, ridding the body of the putrefaction that is reabsorbed into the blood stream and perpetuates all dis-ease. Norman Walker, the grandfather and old time advocate of colon therapy in this country referred to colon therapy as Colon Reflexology. His theory is that the colon is a map of the body like the feet, hands, ears and tongue and has reflexes along its walls to every organ of the body. This explains why recipients of colonics report having a wide range of releasing and healing experiences like improved vision, enhanced lung function, increased vitality, mental clarity, optimal bowel functioning, an overall feeling of wellness and lightness of being and weight loss just to mention a few.

It is a great time of year when we approach the holiday season with all of its temptations, stresses and indulgences to recommit our focus to living a healthier life. We who have done so much work in the emotional, mental and spiritual areas owe it to ourselves to spend some time and energy on rebuilding our “temple”. Begin today, take advantage of the wonderful resources available in your community.

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