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Spiritual Digestion : Feeding God Within

Digesting our food well, leads to digesting life well! Imagine for a moment that God is inside you. He has invited himself inside his temple to just check himself out inside of you. Being the gracious host you are to someone of HIS stature, what would you offer him in the way of food that would represent the gratitude and love you have for him? What choices would you make that nourish the love God has for you?

If you are like me, having gone through just about all life experience has to offer, then the choices you make in your life are all important and absolutely crucial to your spiritual growth. By the time 50 years of age comes around, it is time, more now than ever before, to listen to our spiritual voice within and really act upon what it is saying.

I am here to share my story of healing with you, my very human and difficult past, to give you a solution for your own healing and bright future. What I have discovered is that no matter what, no matter what circumstance I have been presented with in my life, it has been my attitude that has ultimately saved me from doing harm to myself, and others. I am no saint, as my mother will confirm. I was a very angry and mischievous boy and it took me a long time to grow up. I am a late bloomer by all standards. But, like they say: better late than never. Oh my god, I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to share with you. I see so much pain and agony in this world and there is a solution I am part of and am encouraging and supporting…

I have decided that it is a lot more productive to see peoples joy and potential rather than their pain. It is said this is how the saints look at us. We all know too well about the pain and suffering of this world and it is time for us to look and feel from a higher perspective now. It is time we give ourselves the opportunity to heal our wounds and become lighter and more radiant. When we do this we heal the entire world around us. This is what is meant when we hear “Changing the world one person at a time”. It all begins with us!

So, I am told that I am a great writer. I want to own this. I want this to be true. I want the opportunity to create something of benefit for my fellow travelers on this path here on earth. It does not matter much to me to leave a legacy or something that will last. If I can be instrumental in your life and the life of your loved ones, I will be very happy.

I have had the rare opportunity of working with thousands of people while administering Colon Therapy. What I have learned is extraordinary and I would like to share some of it here with you. We all have the same thing in common. That is we all have a human body, mind, emotions and soul that seems at times, inextricably connected. So much so that whatever we do, the knot that binds them remains forever tight.

Spiritual Digestion? What is it and how does it relate to physical digestion? In a visit to India with my beloved guru, he mentioned as an answer to someone’s question that meditation is actually spiritual cleansing. When we meditate, the lord has a chance to cleanse us and lift off the dross that covers the soul. This theme was reiterated throughout the 25 days I was there graced with his presence. Westerners giving short discourses while Babaji was giving Darshan wove things like: Healing from the inside out, remembering what wellness felt like, purity and spiritual cleansing…Being a Colon Therapist and working in this very physical realm I was suddenly transported beyond that. It brought me into the realization that in actuality we are not our body and need not obsess about its functions. My interest was perked. For years I had this burning desire to establish a personal relationship with my guru the master who initiated me passed on before I could be in his physical presents. Now was the opportunity. Several days passed while I got my confidence up and my questions appeared. On the last day of the 25-day session I got up after an amazing discourse and asked my question in front of 400 westerners and god himself. I asked, “Babaji, you mentioned spiritual cleansing and many others have mentioned similar concepts in their talks here. What role does physical cleansing and detoxification play in the area of holistic healing?” Before I give you his answer I must ell you that prior to my turn at the microphone, I had an interview with babaji and mentioned that I was a colon therapist, as if he didn’t know it already! So, babaji answered, “Brother” he always addresses us as brother or sister, “Spiritual cleansing is concerned with the soul and the soul only. It is not like you can take an enema and instantly go inside. But, when we feel well we have the ability to meditate and focus better. It is a question of establishing a balance in our lifestyle between our eating habits exercise and so forth. This reminds me of the spiritual saying: Eat less, Sleep less and Talk less, especially the last one is most important to pay attention to.”

It is so easy to get obsessed in one area or the other. The mind seems to continually attach itself from one addiction to another. No sooner do we get a handle on one, here comes another to take its place. We have become a very mind-indulgent people and the time to come back into a rational balance with our natural rhythms has come.

I am on a mission. I want us as individuals and a nation and a world to relate to our bowels, bowel movements and all the taboo functions of our human body, as easily as we feed ourselves ice cream or smile or talk to one another about anything else. Talking about our colon health should have no charge to it. In fact I would venture to say that when we become comfortable with the topic, a lot of what we hold onto vanishes. As we recognize the necessity that colon cleansing plays in overall health and wellness, we can let go and let god!

God loves us and we want to love God!

How does this statement become real? How do we know that god loves us? We sure do know that we want and need to be loved. I think this is a universal statement. The reality of God loving us is directly connected to how well we take care of ourselves. If we just swallow the multi-media frenzy of food and drink and do not temper it with good common sense, we have no hope of being well. We must take a look at what we are and what we put into ourselves. Our body is no more than water and a bunch of other elements created from the matter of this earth. Our mind and soul are trapped inside fighting for recognition; just they’re inside wanting desperately for us to begin to unravel the knot that binds them to begin our journey to wellness.

I have another mission: make colonics a household word, as common as aspirin or orange juice. I want to train so many people to do colonics that there will be a Colon Therapist in every neighborhood across the land. I want people to realize the essentialness of cleansing and of making THE choices that encourages us to invite god to stay inside so we can cultivate love and wellness.

“As below so above”, is an expression I have coined. It captures the very thing I teach to my patients: that is, when the efficiency of our bowels is compromised with fecal impaction, constipation, diverticula, IBS, colitis, cancer, etc., it effects our mental states. I have lived with a low level of depression all my life and have only become aware of it, as my digestion has improved. As a young child I also suffered with constipation (one huge, hard hurting bowel movement every other day), inability to focus in school, anxiety, anger, easily agitated, horrible stinky farts, craving sweets, acne and overweight.

At the age of 19 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis with very painful cramping, bleeding and humiliating urgency to shit, which resulted in crapping in my pants at times. I tried everything to relieve the symptoms but was not led to the cause until 1982 when I fasted for 42 days drinking only distilled water. The cause was severe impaction of the entire digestive tract including the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. How do I know this? Well, on the 35th day of my fast, copious amounts of stool were passed through my colon. For two days, I crapped the equivalent of 5-10 days worth of feces after, mind you, my entire intestinal tract eliminated during the duration of fasting. I experienced every known healing crisis from nausea and throwing up to bloody discharge from my rectum to severe joint pain to unbelievable headaches to emotional release, thank God.

Holy Shit! We are all full of it! The amount of impacted feces that is contained within the human intestines is well documented. Upon autopsy, 45 pounds of fecal impaction was found in John Wayne’s colon. In my experience as a colon therapist, I have seen tremendous releases especially after the 4th or 5th colonic in a series. Something magical happens when the entire system is stimulated by colon therapy. The colon maps out the body like the feet. So, we can think of doing a colonic as “Colon Reflexology”. Every organ, tissue and cell is stimulated during a session. This is why the releases during colon therapy are so deep and voluminous.

Holding patterns play a significant role in health and wellness, particularly where colon therapy is concerned. The things my patients have shared with me during a session are so very interesting. Typically after the sharing a big release occurs, sometimes with an emotional release to follow. I am in awe of the courage and bravery my patients have. It is not easy to put oneself in the position you must to have a series of colonics. Many people are very anxious to say the least and must overcome a tremendous anxiety, but shit man, get over it. Have fun talking about farts and gas and crap and that. Teach yourself then your children that the anus is just another orifice of the body and could be spoken about as easily as we say “smile or eat this it’s good for you!” The real hang up is the pounds of fecal matter you are holding onto throughout your body, in every organ in every cell. This is why people are so grumpy and nervous and angry all the time. The world will look like a much friendlier place when the majority of human beings have clean colons.

Spiritual Digestion? What if you could travel through your body’s digestive tract just to check in to see if it was functioning properly? Do you know the digestive organs? Do you know what they do and how they work? I think this is at the heart of our individual problems. Would it come as a surprise to you that many of my ADULT patients have not known where their liver is located? Do you?

So, let’s have fun. Stretch out your hands and let us begin to identify your digestive organs. I promise that yours are just like mine! Refer to the picture and place your right hand over your mouth. Digestion starts here. Before you even take a bite of food the digestive enzymes in your mouth begin to flow. Have you experienced the sensation of a watery mouth or have you heard the phrase “that makes my mouth water”? Now place your left hand over your esophagus. The food you chew travels, well we recommend, travels down this narrow pipe into your stomach. Put your right hand over your stomach. The stomach secretes digestive enzymes to begin breaking your food down into smaller parts. Now, locate the small intestine on the picture and slide your left hand over it. There are three parts to this organ all of which do basically the same thing, That is, to further breakdown food into teeny tiny parts so they can pass through the walls into the blood on their way to the liver. Place your left hand over the liver now. This is where magic happens. The liver is responsible for identifying and sending all of the nutrients that the small intestine made smaller to each cell of the body so the cells can be nourished to make us strong and healthy.

  • Mouth

  • Esophagus

  • Stomach

  • Small Intestines

  • Liver

  • Gallbladder

  • Pancreas

  • Colon or Large Intestine

Foods either clog you up or slip on thru you. It’s like the mystics tell us: with every action and every thought we are either going toward the lord or away from him, it is that simple! So, we do really have a choice. It is in our hands. My belief is that the limited free will we have was meant to use in the choices we make as to the lifestyle we live! The way we react to life’s situations can either be positive or negative, it is our choice. There is no question in my mind that living a life as a vegan vegetarian, promotes the best overall health and wellness for the human being. What do you think? I have studied this for more than 22 years now. How about you? Are you wiling to dive in and experiment with your choices? What do you have to lose? I would venture to say you have everything to gain except weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure and a myriad of unhealthy conditions you don’t need in your body.

In the industry of colon therapy we call the clogging foods “GOO & GLUE”. You know, the doughnuts, pies, cakes, processed foods, cheese, milk, pizza, ice cream; all the foods you love and crave and can’t wait to get your watery old mouth onto.

Are you like me? Do you just feel better and have a better outlook on life when you have a big satisfying dump? One that comes out completely and leaves you with an empty pleasant feeling…my eye doctor kidded with me one day. He said, “When your patients come to see you do they have a shitty outlook on life?” I thought about that and realized that, yes, most of the people I work with come in feeling poorly, stuffed up, constipated, bloated, gassy and miserable mostly.

The play on words and puns that happen around the subject of Colon Therapy are precious. Every pun is intended when you talk about colon therapy!

Back to Basics

The strength of what anyone of us has to offer another comes from our own healing journey together with whatever conviction has come out of the experience. My healing from cancer of the colon has given me the knowingness of how the human body achieves sustained wellness. My body is no different than yours. It functions in the exact way and has the same basic needs as yours does. I have been a vegetarian for 22 years 9 of which have been vegan and am experiencing better health now than ever before. I attribute this to my steadfast conviction that foods derived from the animal kingdom are not suitable to sustain good health in the human body. Moreover, eating foods derived from the plant kingdom have definitely given my emotions the opportunity to soften and my mind to become much clearer. You know, we spend half of our life accumulating so much stuff and then the rest of our life clearing the stuff. Whether it is emotional or material in nature we are all involved in the same process in some degree or another.

It is time to come back to the basics in our lifestyle habits. Now is the time to change the foods we eat, the cleaning chemicals we use on our carpets, windows, walls and floors and the cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and soaps we put on our skin. So, here it is…The shopping list all of you have been waiting for. This list takes away the guessing, the experimenting and the precious loss of time you have undoubtedly gone through more times than you remember. All of those times you have purchased items that have been so disappointing are over.

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