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The Essenes and Bowel Cleansing

The following is a fascinating account of colon cleansing that I want to pass onto to you.

Man has been aware for centuries of the necessity for cleansing to live a life of purpose and joy. In the third century Edmond Bordeaux Szekely translated The Essene Gospel of Peace, an Aramaic Manuscript and old Slavonic Text. Here is the incredible account of colon cleansing that Jesus Christ apparently taught and gifted to all that desired salvation. I don’t know whether Jesus actually gave someone an enema but I can imagine him compassionate enough to have done so.

“Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without. And he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible uncleanlinesses and abomination. So I tell you truly, suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become free from all your past sins, and that within likewise you may become as pure as the rivers foam sporting in the sunlight.

“Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter the hinder parts that the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel of water and pray to the Living God that he will forgive you of all your past sins, and pray the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease. Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the unclean and evil smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your own eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations and uncleanlinesses which defiled the temple of your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, til the day when you see that the water, which flows out of you, is as pure as the rivers foam. Then betake your body to the coursing river, and there in the arms of the angel of water render thanks to the living God that he has freed you from your sins.”

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