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Heal From The Inside Out


True healing happens from the inside out. In our journey to wellness, there are many aspects to consider. Having an understanding of how illness came to reside in our body is just as important as diet, exercise, coping skills and rest. What deep, unconscious patterns are manifesting in the physical body as blockages and disease and how do we reverse their effects? Illness can be a teacher rather than a mysterious assault. From an inner spiritual perspective, as we seek deeper love and harmony, it is wise to hold regard for the body, which supports this quest for light and to rebalance one’s sensitivity to Nature’s way.

“Without proper diet, medicine is of no use. And with proper diet, medicine is of no need.”

Due to our lack of knowledge, particularly with respect to the inner physical ecology; digestion, assimilation and elimination, our immune system can become seriously compromised. As our systems weaken and become sluggish, the body accumulates toxic waste from undigested food and stress. This is an invitation to scavengers, parasites, yeast infections; conditions which further destroy internal ecological balance.

The greatest 20th century Naturopaths and Nature Cure Physicians speak of this undigested waste as “morbid matter”, the cause of all disease in the human body. The following pages describe nourishment and positive actions to be taken as a means of clearing morbid matter, strengthening the immune system and helping the body rebuild.

This book is written in response to the urgency of widespread health crisis in an age of extreme pollution. The Human Body is Self Healing when given the simple, natural support it needs.


Healing is very simple. The first premise is The Body Is Self Healing and we all heal in the same way, from the inside out. Ultimately it is love that serves as the remedy for all ills. It is the vital force of love which guides us to our healing. This love resides deep within us and is more difficult to access when the physical body is fighting so hard to detoxify and cleanse , which is its natural tendency, 24 hours per day.

The second premise is, in order to host any disease, the body must be holding onto toxic by-products of incomplete digested food and LIFE EXPERIENCES. There is mental and emotional “Morbid Matter” as well as physical toxicity. Both must be eliminated through open channels to prevent deeper degeneration and irreversible loss of the ability to recover.

This book is organized as a step-by-step guide to regaining, or perhaps creating for the first time, a vibrant state of health. Support and encouragement for freeing one’s self from all mental and physical addictions, despair and downward spirals to chronic and degenerative disease are outlined.

A sincere commitment to change is the only prerequisite. Most of us get prodded by the pain of remaining the same. The first step is to cleanse the body. This is followed by establishing a good foundation in eating habits. Through these simple steps, the mind and body release Morbid Matter and become cooperative in the healing process.

Heal From The Inside Out incorporates many self-healing tools and outlines what is commonly referred to as a “sensible diet.” Understanding how to nourish ourselves supports all other healing efforts, and without it, all other efforts lose ground and/or become ineffective. Making healthier choices is essential to changing our quality of life and well-being.

The following pages contain proven methods for Healing from the Inside Out,The First Premise, The Human Body Is Self Healing. It is always seeking balance; physically, emotionally and mentally. If we live within the natural law, disease as we know it, cannot exist.

The Following is an Overview of this Natural Law.

The inner life of our body is like that of soil, or terrain. If this soil is built up properly, viruses, bacteria, parasites or worms will not be able to survive. They are, by natural law, attracted to conditions of decay and degeneration. It is their job to scavenge. Therefore, if we attend to the inner eco-system, build it up with proper nutrients and avoid those substances that encourage the presence of critters, health will build. Just as the farmer builds up his fields of organic soil year after year, yielding bountiful and nourishing crops, we too shall have a bountiful yield of lasting radiant health.

As we change our diet to a vegan organic, raw, living foods diet, two wonderful things happen. The first is, we detoxify. A miraculous cleansing process begins in the cells of our body. They become oxygenated and literally pour stored toxins out through their walls. The second thing that happens is, the walls of the small and large intestines slough off old, encrusted matter that has accumulated. Proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients to the cells increases and vibrant health is restored.

Deepak Chopra, in his book “Perfect Digestion”, quotes an ancient Ayurvedic proverb, “Without proper diet, medicine is of no use, and with proper diet, medicine is of no need”. He also says the human body manufactures every pharmaceutical, in the proper amounts and sends them to the targeted organs at precisely the right time. To achieve this state of harmony, all food we put into our body must be of the highest quality and be abundant in living enzymes.

Enzymes are the building blocks of health.

“We Are What We Eat”

Dr. Ann Wigmore, one of the great pioneers in the field of health and nutrition says, “Statistics now begin to reveal that our country has a terrible problem with vitamin and enzyme deficiency. Folks are affected with eye problems, dizziness from fatigue, constipation, allergies, muscle cramps, bone deterioration and loss of memory. Other deficiency syndromes include addictions to drugs and alcohol and heart, liver, kidney and lung problems. The key is Easy-To-Digest nourishment for replacing the deficiencies and strengthening the immune system with enzymes.”

The entire dilemma we are in can be summed up quite simply; ENZYMES

We are all sorely lacking enzymes. The food we have eaten our entire lives has been cooked and devitalized. Contrary to popular belief, food does not give us energy. Food nourishes the physical body, but actually robs the essential life energy from the core of our body to help in the process of digestion. When enzyme rich, predigested foods are introduced, the digestive system gets rebuilt. As this happens, the core or life force energy remains vital, encouraging healing and balance. Any symptomology the body is suffering will respond to enzyme rich, predigested nourishment. The deficiency that has created these symptoms will turn into sufficiency, and our energy will be expressed in Vibrant Health.

There are 2 types of enzymes

Metabolic enzymes. We are given a predetermined amount at birth. Enzymes are catalysts for every function in the body including digestion and assimilation. The storehouse of metabolic enzymes is exhausted by a diet of devitalized, non-enzyme rich foods. The body uses these precious enzymes to digest food rather than for supporting functions in the organs like the liver, spleen and pancreas. Disease begins as a result.

Food Enzymes. These come packaged by nature in the foods we eat. Natural food enzymes are absolutely necessary to ingest on a per meal basis and are the most significant contribution to our nutritional well-being.

So, eating can be looked upon as a science when we understand about enzymes. We have all been given this incredible human body/mind to conduct research in.

Become the best researcher you can be, find out what foods really work for you, and live a productive, healthy life free of disease and symptomology. May your Creative Power within be carried to deeper and higher levels!

This cleansing and detoxification program supports the healing of the GI tract and restores the Body’s Natural Immune Function, while cleaning it of food particles, mucous and waste residue. In thousands of documented cases, programs like this have been credited with helping people get well and stay well by correcting the underlying lifestyle habits that caused their diseases.

Food Allergies – What Are They?

Many of us have allergies or reactions to certain foods we consume. The most common are; wheat, dairy products, yeast, soy, sugars of all types, coffee, black and green tea. The reactions to allergens can literally present themselves in many forms, mild to severe; skin eruptions, headache, anxiety, diarrhea, etc. There are several reasons we have allergies. One is due to the lack of enzymes to break down food in the digestive process. Another is that we do not manufacture the proper enzymes for certain foods, like dairy products. The third, and most troubling on all levels, is a reaction to the substances the body does not recognize as “FOOD”, such as products made from Genetically Modified Organisms, processed, fried and heated foods.

When we continue consuming foods that produce allergic reactions, our body will go into an “Acute Healing Response” to try to rid the body of the accumulated “Morbid Matter”. Sound familiar? It all comes back to the same scenario. When our internal environment, soil eco-system, if you will, is balanced, there can be no allergic responses. As our Immune System rebuilds, we are more likely to tolerate offending foods or, even better, not even be tempted by them.

While cleansing, it is helpful to completely avoid the aforementioned allergens. Any food allergies you may have will begin to clear up. When you have successfully completed the cleanse, introduce one food at a time to see if there is a reaction.

“Healing Opportunities” or “Acute Healing Responses” Explained

Natural healing works within the laws of nature. When we change our addictive habits, the body begins to cleanse and detoxify. The body begins eliminating stored toxins through the various organs, including the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. If you have symptoms, this is actually a good sign. They are known as “acute healing responses” or “healing opportunities” and are nature’s way of elimination. They will subside as your body rids itself of the stored toxins.

Most people experience one or more of the following symptoms:

headaches, muscle aches, weakness, nausea, insomnia, nervousness, vivid dreams, fever, cold and flu symptoms, lightheadedness, bad breath, intestinal discomforts (including constipation and diarrhea) and irritability. You may want to forewarn family and friends! Please keep in mind this is all temporary.

By following the recommendations in this book, the “acute healing responses” will be minimized!

The enzymes contained in raw and living foods act as powerful cleansers at the cellular level. When one transitions to a raw, living foods diet without doing the appropriate intestinal cleansing beforehand, the picture painted above of “healing opportunities” can be rather unpleasant. For this reason, it is highly recommended you make a slow but steady transition from your present diet to the one outlined in this book. If your cleansing and detoxification is too uncomfortable, eat a baked potato or some cooked grain to slow any symptoms down a bit. Final word: "Get Colonics and also do enemas".

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