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Cleansing Your Way to Better Health

Healing, of course, is multi-dimensional and we need to put time into its various aspects, mental/emotional, physical and spiritual. This article focuses on the much neglected physical cleansing and detoxification so essential for our healing. When we are not physically well, all else suffers. The attention to the subtler parts of our being lay dormant and under- nourished. So often is the case with our search for spiritual growth. We have been given this miraculous human body to travel this lifetime through. If we are to attain any wisdom of the true spiritual realms within we must put at least some effort into learning how the body really works and get reconnected to the principles of nature.

In his book, “Heal from the Inside Out” Reuel Ari says, “Healing is very simple. The first premise is, the body is self healing and we all heal in the same way, even though we may have different symptomology and be attracted to different healing modalities. We are always seeking balance; physically, emotionally and mentally and if we live within the natural law, disease as we know it, cannot exist. The second premise is, in order to host any disease, the body must be holding onto the toxic byproducts of incomplete digestion of food and life experiences. This toxicity or, Morbid Matter, as it has been called by many, must be given the opportunity to be eliminated or disease will finally be so deeply rooted, degeneration will prevail. All sense of wellness will be forever lost, and we will spend the last of our living days in a body full of pain and misery.”

The inner life of our body is like that of soil, or terrain. If this soil is built up properly, no viruses, bacteria, parasites or other critters will have any food to thrive on. Their presence is only a result of natural law. They are doing their job, eating their food. Healing begins from the inside out. Therefore, if we attend to this inner soil, building it up with the proper nutrients, and avoiding those substances that encourage these critters presence, the results we will achieve must be health building and of lasting value. Just as the farmer builds up his fields of organic soil year after year, yielding bountiful and nourishing crops, we too shall have a bountiful yield of lasting, radiant health.

Deepak Chopra in his book, “Perfect Digestion”, quotes an ancient East Indian proverb, “Without proper diet, medicine is of no use, and with proper diet, medicine is of no need”. He also says the human body manufactures every pharmaceutical, in the proper amounts, sends them to the targeted organ at precisely the right time. To achieve this state of harmony, all food we put into our body must be of the highest quality and contain enzymes. They are the building blocks of health. Dr. Ann Wigmore, one of the great pioneers in the field of health and nutrition says, “Statistics now begin to reveal that our country has a terrible problem with vitamin and enzyme deficiency.

Folks are affected with eye problems, dizziness form fatigue, constipation, allergies, muscle cramps, bone deterioration and loss of memory. Other deficiency syndromes include addictions to drugs and alcohol: and heart, liver, kidney and lung problems. The key is Easy-To-Digest nourishment for replacing the deficiencies and strengthening the immune system with enzymes.”

We are all sorely lacking enzymes. The food we have eaten our entire lives has been grown in devitalized soil then processed and cooked adding to its further devitalization, destroying the enzymes essential to cell nourishment. Contrary to popular belief, food does not give us energy. Food should nourish the body, but in reality, these devitalized foods rob the essential life energy from the core of our body to help in the process of digestion.

When enzyme rich, predigested foods are introduced, the digestive system gets rebuilt. When this begins the core or life force energy remains vital to encourage balance and gives us the opportunity to direct our attention to our mental/emotional and spiritual healing.

There are 2 types of enzymes. The first are metabolic enzymes. We are given a predetermined amount at birth. Enzymes are proteins which act as catalysts for every function in the body including digestion and assimilation. The storehouse of metabolic enzymes is exhausted by a diet of devitalized, non-enzyme rich foods. The body uses these precious enzymes to digest food rather than for supporting functions in the organs like the liver, spleen and pancreas and actually takes them from our bones. Disease begins as a result.

The second are food enzymes. These are contained in the foods we eat, or not, and absolutely necessary to ingest on a daily, per meal basis. This is the most significant nutritional habit we can create that will enable the body to regain the balance it so lovingly seeks.

Now that we understand more of how things operate, what do we do first? It is recommended by many experts in this field that cleansing the digestive tract precede cleansing of the cells. In his book “Cleanse & Purify Thyself”, Dr. Richard Anderson N.D., N.M.D. writes, “Cleansing reactions on a raw food diet, without cleansing the digestive tract first can be so severe for an average person that a lack of energy, spaciness, eruptions of the skin, overloaded kidneys, liver and other organs can be weakened.” These are called “acute healing responses or crisis”. It is also common to experience symptoms like, headache, diarrhea, constipation and irritability.

Dr. Anderson continues, “The problem with going on a raw food diet without cleansing is this: when the average person goes onto raw food, even for just a few days, he begins to cleanse the cell structure, not the intestinal tract. The average person is so full of toxic waste that a complete raw food diet, without complete intestinal cleansing, could stir up more problems than he can handle.”

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. in his book Conscious Eating states, “To digest vegetarian food requires more inner spiritual light and digestive power than it does for meat digestion. Just as we lose our muscle tone and endurance when we do not exercise much, in the same way, by eating animal products, we indirectly weaken our ability to take in plant food. This is one reason why a transition to vegetarianism often needs to be gradual.” When we begin eating foods abundant in enzymes, a cellular cleansing begins. The organs of digestion and elimination begin to detoxify.

If you experience any of the symptoms of “Acute Healing”, as you transition to a living/raw foods diet and want to nourish your system with something “GREEN”, like E3Live, a superior algae.

The most effective and fastest way of motivating the digestive tract to cleanse is through Colon Hydro Therapy. This process actually begins stimulating the liver which is so often congested and the main problem in digestive disorders and allergies of all kinds. The use of enemas is also very helpful. Wheat grass juice retention implants are highly effective in pulling toxins out of the digestive tract and liver. Implants are used after a colonic or an enema. They purify the blood and stimulate the immune system also.

The best and most essential way to cleanse the liver is outlined in Ari’s book, “Heal from the Inside Out.” It is simple, painless and highly effective.

One way that begins to rebuild the digestion is to incorporate living/raw foods into our daily diet. This begins to have an immediate positive effect on the entire system. Two wonderful things happen. The first is, we detoxify. A miraculous cleansing process begins in the cells of our body. They become oxygenated and literally pour stored toxins out through their walls.

The second thing that happens is the walls of the small and large intestines slough off old, encrusted matter that has accumulated. Proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients to the cells increases and vibrant health is restored. There are many incredible recipe books on raw/living foods available at your local health foods store and fine book stores.

Reuel Ari has taught classes focusing on hands on preparation of living/raw foods and how they can be incorporated into your existing diet. Any symptomology the body is suffering will respond to enzyme rich, predigested living enzyme nourishment. The deficiency that has created these symptoms will turn into sufficiency and our energy will express itself in increased health.

So, eating can be looked upon as a science when we understand about enzymes. We have all been given this incredible human body/mind in which we conduct research. Become the best researcher you can be and live a productive, healthy life, free of disease and symptomology. Good luck and may your creative power within be carried to deeper and higher levels, always.

Reuel Ari and his wife Mariko are partners at the Digestive Wellness Center in Sedona, Arizona where they offer a wide range of healing modalities.

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