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Doing An Enema

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

An Enema is a very effective way to clear the colon and stimulate the entire digestive tract and is considered a very healthy practice for home care. You can usually find an Enema/Douche Bag Kit at your local Pharmacy…The bag that gets filled with water is 1000-1500cc capacity.

Begin your enema by filling the bag with warm filtered water, making sure the clamp is in the closed position. Hang the bag on the “S” hook 18 inches above you for gravity flow to be most efficient. Put a little olive oil on the insertion tip. Lie on your left side and insert the tip into the anus about 3-4 inches, only. Undo the clamp and water will begin to flow. If you can hold the entire 1500 cc amount of water, do so for up to 20 minutes, no more. If you cannot hold the entire amount, hold as much as you can. This will soften the feces in the colon and prepare it for evacuation. You may repeat this until the return is clear, if desired. Massaging the abdomen, especially in the cecum area (right lower quadrant of the abdomen) is very helpful and relaxing. Topically applying Essential Oils of Lavender, Lemon, Ginger, Cardamom or Fennel is most beneficial as well. You can also add fresh or frozen juice of wheat grass or liquid chlorophyll for a more detoxing effect.

Proper Pooping Position

The pictures below illustrate proper positioning for having a relaxed and unstrained bowel movement.

Either position encourages the colon to empty more fully, with less effort, and actually supports and exercises the muscles of the entire intestinal tract.

The Ideal Bowel Movement

Normal bowel movements are an experience rare to most us. The ideal bowel movement is greenish, yellowish, brownish, orangish, or beet red in color depending on the color of food you eat. The feces should be the consistency of almond butter. The size is no more in diameter than can be evacuated without pushing or strain and is the consistency of creamy almond butter. The odor is non-offensive and after evacuation you should feel completely empty and relaxed. Taking a good crab is said to be better than sex according to several older age men and woman. Is this your experience? When our digestion is functioning properly, we experience two to three movements a day, preferably after each meal.

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